03-02-06 Port Righ Bay Sea Monster
With all the talk about the Port Righ Sea Monster I took the hound for a walk along that stretch of the coast and sure enough there it was. (See picture--->)

It's been literally weeks now since this 30ft length of sewage pipe broke free from it's anchorings yet there has yet to be any sign of Scottish Water turning out to examine it, let alone fix it. Presumably their insurers are happy to pick up the bill should a boat collide with it.

Meanwhile Carradale has been enjoying a nice period of dry, warm and calm weather. Businesses are starting to get geared-up for the new tourist season and thoughts are turning towards new ways to attract visitors to our village.
Port Righ Sea Monster]


From: Sylvi and Rick
Date: 23 Jan 2006

Hi there, brilliant site!
We were wondering if you could help us please. We have visited relatives in Carradale for a number of years now (Willie and Mary Shaw, Raymond and Maryann Gosling) and we've always rented houses/cottages actually in Carradale. However, this year there's seems to be no replies from the very few listed on the net. We particularly like overlooking the harbour, our 3 children love watching the boats coming and going and the seals that visit. Does anyone know of anywhere in the vicinity of the harbour that might be available in late August/early September? Any help would be appreciated.

[GoatNote: If anyone has suggestions then we'll be pleased to pass them on to Rick & Sylvi]

From: Iain Morrison
Date: 24 Jan 2006

A first class informative site which I visit frequently being an exile. I usually visit the glen about once a month when I visit from Houston for my favourite tipple,BODDINGTONS

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