03-01-13 Golden Oldies Carradale Junior Choir
[The Carradale Goat]Glasgow Mod about the mid fifties with thanks to Isobel White (Paterson) for this photo.

Back row left to right.

Nanette Campbell,Catherine McAlister,Sheila Galbraith,Margaret Buchanan,Una McDougall,Effie Buchanan,Jen Fisher.

Front Row left to right.

Janice Kinloch,Ann McDougall,Marie Martindale,Elizabeth Campbell,Isobel Paterson,Alison McMillan.
Fantastic picture, some faces never change
Must be many other mod photos that could go up from the many adventures the junior and senior choirs had.

Wendy McIntosh.

We were singing the Gaelic version of "A day in the cornfield I a' reaping". I don't think we won so have no reason to be looking so happy!

Isobel White.

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