02-12-07 Storm Watch
We caught the tail-end of the storms that lashed the South of England and the Channel last night, where shipping was seeking shelter in the Solent.

During the evening the wind suddenly rose and hard rain began to fall; hard enough that it interrupted the satellite tv signal. Soon after that the sky was being lit by bright flashes of lightening and thunder so loud it shook the house.

By contrast today is much calmer although the wind is predicted to begin to rise again later this evening. The BBC weather forecast for the area can be found here on the BBC website.

Speaking of shipping reminds me of a ship-plotter website that was sent to me some while back. It lets you see the locations of ships in various regions around the UK, including the North Channel which covers Kintyre.

Information is given about each ship, including name and destination, so you can see in advance what will be coming by our shores. The site address is http://www.aisliverpool.co.uk.
[Rough Water]

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