02-11-06 Jack Frost is Out and About
Clear overnight skies and falling temperatures gave Carradale its first frost of the season, but also, as a consolation, also another stunning sunrise.

Tonight sees the November meeting of the East Kintyre Community Council in the village hall from 7pm. As always, the public are welcome to attend.
[Carradale Sunrise]
[Bonfire Night]

Sunday afternoon's Halloween Party at the fire station was well attended and the kids had a great time, as hopefully this little montage shows.
[Halloween Party 2006]

In similar vein, the Lantern Workshop yesterday afternoon was a hive of activity a children and adults wrestled with lengths of sticky crepe paper and twigs, putting the finishing touches to the lanterns for Friday evening's procession to the bonfire and fireworks up at the Wellpark Field.

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