02-10-08 Three Men in a Boat
[Blue Tarn Leaves Campbeltown]Tuesday was wet and dreary but that didn't stop Carradale's answer to Jerome K Jerome's classic tale taking to the water and embarking on an epic voyage.

Sailors Mike Foreman, Tony Leighton, and John McTaggart set out from Campbeltown Harbour in their yacht Blue Tarn bound, initially, for the Bay of Biscay and thence onwards the Canary Islands.

At Gran Canaria they'll join the "Atlantic Rally for Cruisers" and head off, with around 225 other yachts, for St Lucia and the warmer weather of the Caribbean.

The rally itself doesn't start until 23 November, after which you will be able to follow their progress via the rally's website at: http://www.worldcruising.com/arc

[Many thanks to Martin Mears for the photos.]
[Blue Tarn Leaves Campbeltown]

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