02-10-05 A Mixed Bag
They say a football coach's work is never done, and that can't have been truer than on Friday night when Nonnie was called away from his pint in The Glen to deal with a pitch invasion down at the Wellpark.

A number of cows from an adjacent field had somehow managed to get onto the pitch and with a game set for next Saturday it was important to get them back where they belonged before they had a chance to leave any presents behind.

I'm told much hilarity was had by all involved, with it being a good two hours or more before the escapees were safely re-interned.

Watch out for the headlines in next week's Coorier...
[Carradale AFC]

Speaking of the next match, this will be on Saturday, 8 October 2005, at the Wellpark and kick-off is at 12:30pm.

Carradale AFC are playing Lochgilphead A&B this time around.

[Fishy Tales]Reports have been coming in of a 'Monster Fish' at large in the Carradale Water. Several anglers have reported 'a big one that got away' (as if that's news!) but this hasn't dampened their enthusiasm and it is hoped that the leviathon will be appearing on the menu down at The Glen before too long...

We seem to have a bit of a competition going on over on the Geograph website, where JD, myself and others in the neighbourhood are vying to amass more points than each other. I think JD is in the lead at the moment but I've uploaded a clutch of pictures today that might just put me ahead.

From: Ronnie McNally
Date: 01 Oct 2005
Subject: Carradale AFC

is there a pie eating contest going on in the football team between tyson and scott looking at all the photo's of them you'll soon be looking for a wide screen picture of the team to fit the two boys in with the team

[GoatNote: I'll leave it up to the boys to deal with Mr McN.)

From: Gordon Goldie
Date: 29 Sept 2005
Subject: More Old Photos

Was the shop still selling out of date sweeties or packets of Polos with three missing when this photie was taken?

From: MoineRuadh
Date: 27 Sept 2005

well done gary i think the website is great with all the football news

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