02-09-16 Wayne Dixon and Koda walking coastline
Litter picking adventure.

Wayne Dixon, who is currently walking 7000 miles around the coast of Britain with his dog Koda, will be in Carradale shortly. As you can see from the article below, he is raising money for charity, but also picking up litter as he goes. He wants to raise awareness of the litter problem and encourage people to do something about it. Zero Waste Heroes is supporting him during his time in South Kintyre and it is hoped he will be doing a beach clean with the children at Carradale Primary school.

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We're doing a talk at Carradale primary school on Monday morning,9.30 am.Let's hope it's the first of many.Already done 10 primary schools in Galloway .I,m hoping I can do them all over the country,so if anyone can help me with this,it will be much appreciated.Let's get our kids to create a cleaner,safer & better future.Thank-you Scotland.

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