02-09-12 Chug Update
[The Carradale Goat]From the public meeting 31 August in the Village Hall.

Information from A Milstead (CHUG Chairman)

About 40 people attended the presentation from the Carradale Harbour Group's architect, Alistair Scott from Smith Scott Mullen. The whole consultation process was described and then the plan revealed. It is certainly ambitious, it is certainly a fresh look and it will cost a few bob! But it is in keeping with our small harbour and it will be a great place for residents and visitors to congregate. It is reminiscent of village squares in southern European countries where everyone goes to see and be seen - least ways when the weather is good. Features include a complete relayout of the car park and surrounding to provide building space for a principal building with cafe, exhibition area, an office and toilets and showers and further buildings in later stages. There will be a new slip (existing unusable one will go) for launching day boats and space for a major piece of art. Subsequent phases would/could include a bunkhouse or other revenue earning building and workshop or retail units and also stores and workshops for the fishermen. Included as part of the initial civil enabling works a walkway will be created to enable pedestrians to walk from the slip to the harbour wall. See layout above, a copy of which can be downloaded from the Carradale harbour website.

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