02-05-05 Swinging from the Chandeliers
There was excitement in the bar last night when someone revealed they'd somehow come across a website purporting to advertise 'Torrisdale Swingers'. Purely in the interests of research The Goat decided to investigate...

If you go to the Google search engine and enter the keywords 'Torrisdale' and 'Swingers' you will indeed be presented with a series of website addresses suggestive of this perhaps rarified pastime.
Try entering 'Carradale' in place of 'Torrisdale', or 'Campbeltown' or 'Grogport' even. You'll get a very similar set of website addresses as a result. It's a very clever ploy on the part of the website operators to snare people's search engine results by listing entries for many, many different locations.

Is there a secret band of Swingers lurking in our midst? Well, maybe. Who knows? What is certain is that the results of this web search are misleading, so don't get too alarmed over it.
Meanwhile the webcams are settling down after a few technical teething troubles. Today's view towards the sea shows just a very misty field. We could use a little sea breeze to help blow the mist away and give the sun a chance to break through. The view towards the hills is brighter and shows promise of better weather this afternoon.

And speaking of webcams I see Argyll & Bute Council's webcam have come across to Campbeltown for its summer holidays.
Follow this link to see Campbeltown Loch. (Somebody needs to clean the windows!)

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