02-04-05 Choppers R Us
[Police Helicopter]
Does anybody know what the Police helicopter has been doing over Carradale the last few days?

It looks to be a Eurocopter AS355 (Twin Squirrel) and I'm told belongs to Strathclyde Police.
Advance warning of the art and craft exhibition at Carradale Primary School next week. I'll post details of the times it is open for visitors as soon as I can find the bit of paper we were all sent.
On the weather front today (Saturday) was a lovely day once most of the mist had been burned off by the sun. The forecast isn't looking good for next week though, but what do they know.
From: Johnny Durnan, Carradale
Date: 04 April 2005

No, not police helicopter.

See pic of Eurocopter which is identical to Strathclyde Police stationed at Yorkhill quay next to the SECC car park.
Heli pad also has the yellow Medivac 1 chopper (ambulance).

The chopper you and most of the village saw the other day is possibly PDG helicopters, part of the old PLM group which do overhead power line inspections usually annually around these parts.

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