02-02-08 Electrickery Restored
The electrickery was restored to Carradale yesterday teatime in the form of a huge mobile diesel generator which is currently lurking in the Surgery carpark, whose dull rumblings can be heard for quite some distance.

A little bird tells me we could have this for between 3 and 5 days whilst they locate and repair the actual fault though.

Furthermore, it seems there is a problem with the type of generator delivered and another one may have to be brought over from Glasgow.

Coupled with the wintry conditions a number of Carradale folk found themselves stranded at Saddell yesterday, when their vehicles were unable to negotiate the icy conditions on the steep hills - no gritting has been done due to industrial action by council workers.

A big hand for Matt and Kenny who ran an impromptu rescue service, ferrying everyone back to the village in their 4x4s, and another to Tommy Semple who turned out in foul weather to clear the fallen tree off the road at Brackley.
[Mobile Generator in Carradale]
Earlier in the day a West Coast Motors bus had become stuck at Torrisdale, on the main Carradale to Campbeltown road, blocking the road to traffic, again as a result of the icy conditions.
Many thanks to JD for the following photos of the bus stuck at Torrisdale.
[WCM Bus stuck at Torrisdale] [WCM Bus stuck at Torrisdale] [WCM Bus stuck at Torrisdale]

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