01-11-12 Lochfyne Skiff The Fairy Queen
Originally CN 128 when in Carradale,Kintyre.
I received this message and photos from Kim Smart of Co.Galway,Ireland.

Hello there,

Great site you have there,every community should have one like that!

We have the Lochfyne skiff "Fairy Queen" which was built in 1926 by Wilson Noble in Fraserburgh. She was made for James Robertson of Campbeltown and he kept her until 1938 when he sold her to Robert Paterson and Donald McNicol,both of Carradale.She left Carradale 65 years ago for Wick in 1947.We are researching her history and would be interested to know if anyone can still remember her - we realise this is a bit of a long shot as its a good whily ago now but maybe there are relations still alive or some of the lads are still with us with a tale to tell.We'd be delighted if somehow this could get onto your site as a kind of talking point and hopefully unearth something or jog people's memories,its great to keep them alive.
I've attached a picture of her in Lybster, but she would have looked similar to this when in Carradale,she is the boat registered WK204.She was CN128 when in Kintyre.
Many thanks for your time,looking forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes,
I replied to Kim to say that Robert Patersons son Archie is still in the village and he was glad to hear that the boat is being restored.

Hi Johnny,
Its a small world isn't it?! Thanks for phoning Archie and getting him involved, that was very kind. Its great to hear the stories, we don't know much about her time there, other than an incident in 1938 involving another boat "Seafarer" of Maidens. They collided and Fairy Queen subsequently was beached in Tarbert.
Thanks for the correction on Robert Paterson. We are slowly getting to know the histories of the ol' fellas! Hope Archie is on the go again soon, winter is upon us, even here in Ireland. We're in Co.Galway with Fairy Queen in Kinvara harbour. It would be great to send a photo or two of Fairy Queen to Archie or Donald.
You seem to be a bit of a fisherman yourself! How is the harbour getting on? We noticed there were plans in the offing. Its a pity we didn't better organise ourselves,we were in Scotland in July and went to Campbeltown briefly and stopped in Carradale on the way back up. We met with Joanna the Fishery Officer there,who provided us with the details about Robert and Donald. We didn't have half the information we have now about Fairy Queen so didn't really know who to contact. We will come back for sure and it would be great to have a proper natter!

All the best , and thanks again,Kim
Hi Johnny,
That would be great to get a mention on your site, any info would be most welcome. My partner Freddy has owned "Fairy Queen" since 1984 and has been restoring her ever since. That is her on google alright, up on the quay in 2009,she was there for a few months, replanking her and antifouling.She's back in the water now,please see attached photo of her a few weeks ago. We are researching her history in view of maybe parting with her one day.
Thanks for everything, really delighted to be in contact with Archie. We are in contact with the sons of the owners in Orkney and Hopeman too, so we'll be piecing together her history soon.
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If anyone has any further info or stories about this vessel they would be appreciated by the owners.Click pics to enlarge.

HERE for Google map of Kinvara Harbour showing vessel.

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