01-10-09 Community Council Elections and Meeting
Meet you local MP Alan Reid

[The Carradale Goat] East Kintyre Community Council meeting last night 1st Oct 2009 @7.00pm.

With the recent notice of Community Council elections the number of validly nominated candidates that applied did not exceed the number of vacant seats then the candidates will be elected unopposed.

the candidates will be elected unopposed.The new community councillors for East Kintyre will be Shelagh Cameron,Lachie Paterson,Stuart Irvine,Ronnie Brownie,Andrea Hopkins and new councillor Elizabeth McMillan.

Not standing this term were Geoff Page and Sheena McAllister of whom were thanked by Shelagh for their support over the past years.

Cheryl Greenwood was also thanked by the committee for her short term as the minute secretary having to step down due to ill health.

[ED Note Friday 2nd Oct: It has been brought to my attention that sadly Cheryl passed away last night. Our deepest condolences to Nick and all the family at this sad time]
[The Carradale Goat]

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