01-10-07 Mapping Out The Past
I was given an interesting map of Carradale the other day, dating from 1773. It's interesting for a number of reasons.

It shows the bay and Waterfoot area of Carradale, and the location of the jetty proposed by none other than James Watt. This would have stretched well out into the bay from the mouth of the River Carra, much futher downstream than the ruins of the jetty you can see today. In actuality it was never built which is a shame as Watt proposed an interesting style of construction and would have had a navigation beacon at the end of it.

Regular visitor Gordon sent me an article a while back that explained Watt's idea was to pile up rocks to form a jetty three feet high and twelve feet wide. The winter storms would pile sand up against this until it reached level with the top, at which point another could be built on that base, and so on until it was complete.

Another interesting item on this map is the fact of the bridge across the river being marked, so its fairly safe to assume it was extant in 1773. Just ruins remain on either side of the river nowadays, just upstream from the stepping stones. I've yet to find out just when the bridge fell down or was demolished, or even a photograph of it. If anyone knows then I'd love to hear from them.
[Carradale 1773]

Yet another interesting item is the marking of a storehouse of some kind at the Waterfoot end of the beach. Presumably this was quite a substantial building as otherwise why mark it on the map?

And finally, the map clearly shows a side channel of the Carra splitting off and then rejoining the main stream at Waterfoot.

[GoatNote: I've tracked down the story of James Watt and Carradale to an online edition of the Kintyre Magazine from June 1999.]

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