01-09-10 The Man Of Many Nicknames Celebrates
"Red Dougie", "The Provost" or whatever you may like to call him reaches the big 70 today.

Dougie Campbell, married to Jean celebrates with his family at home in Tormhor today.Dougie worked most of his life at the fishing starting of at the ring net with his family and relations who all had boats.Working through the years on varies trawlers at the mid water, prawns, scallops and so on before retiring from the sea.The lure of the water could not stop him going back as he started working for a salmon fish farm company and continued for some years, before going through a serious illness, getting over most of that and eventually hanging up the boots.Today Dougie passes the time by doing wee runs for the Carradale Bakers delivering rolls, cakes, pies etc all over Kintyre. Jean, Donald, the dugs and all of us wish you have a nice day, and we'll see you on Saturday for your birthday dinner.

ps.There is a few of Dougies school chums also celebrating the big 70, days and weeks apart, if you would like a mention and to add a photo, get in touch.

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Comments: 6th September 2010

keep your belly in Doogie, you`ve been eatin` toooo many of oor pies!!!!

Angela (Bun)

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