01-08-11 Glen Bar And Restaurant Staff
One of my wifes photos taken back in 1975/76.Can you recognise all, you may be one of them?
The hey day when the Glen was packed with locals and tourists, doing something like 200 meals in the restaurant nightly when you could buy a T-Bone steak,chips and all the trimmings for 2.50.
A fine selection of staff were at your disposal day and night then, now sadly days gone by now with the place now closed.

From left/right Walter Campbell,Cathrine McKinnon,Morag Allan,Alison Ball,Dorothy Ball,Helen Semple,Betty campbell,Marion Brechin,Neil Hedrick,Marlene Galbraith,Margaret McAlister,Cissie Fisher,Eila McAffer,Moira Campbell,her father Keith and Margaret Littlejohn.

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