01-06-08 Mixed Bag
With all the fair weather we've been enjoying lately we've been spending a lot of time out of doors, and here are a selection of photographs taken in recent days.
[Pair of Shelduck on Carradale Beach]
One of three pairs of Shelducks who appear to be nesting in the bay.
[Group of male Eider ducks in Carradale Harbour]
Eiders appear in large numbers around Kintyre.
[Pair of Black Guillemotts in Carradale Harbour]
Black Guillemots are less common than the usual variety and come far closer to shore.
[Rhododendrons in the Bay]
The hills above Carradale Bay are a riot of colour with flowering gorse and rhododendrons.
[Jellyfish on Carradale Beach]
Jellyfish have started to wash up on Carradale Beach. Not all can sting you but better safe than sorry.
[Carradale Point]
Carradale Point, bathed in spring sunshine.

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