01-05-07 Beautiful Beltane Morning
It's a beautiful morning here in Carradale, and so very appropriate to mark the old start of summer and the celebration of Beltane (or Bhealltainn in gaelic).

The 'Dove from Above' is still present, although as it continues to raid our garden bird feeders the scales are tilting ever closer towards the grill pan...

[The Dove From Above]
[Stool Pigeon]A little bird (possibly even a Stool Pigeon) tells me that strange cars have been seen at night, parked-up beside the road between Carradale and Carradale East.

The rumour goes that these are Police 'watchers' monitoring vehicles whose drivers may have taken a little too much of the sauce to be still behind the wheel.

Whether this is true or not I can't say, but take care and consider leaving the jalopy at home, or in the carpark (as many did at the weekend) and collecting it the next day, if you think you've had too much.

Don't say you weren't warned.

And finally for today, we're experimenting with a new idea in the Gallery section which we're calling 'Then and Now'.

Here we'll show pairs of photos of Carradale taken from the same spot, only decades apart in time.

The first one shows Aird's Village and is quite remarkable by how little the scene has changed in maybe a hundred years.

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