01-04-16 Our Roads Are A Disgrace
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copy of email to Brian Gee from Alan Reid.

Dear Brian,
I've driven the A83 frequently for many years, and I can't remember it ever having as many potholes as it has now.
Being a trunk road it is supposed to be maintained to a high standard so that people can drive safely at 60mph. Given the state itís in, driving at, or even close to 60mph, would be dangerous as you would frequently have to slam on the brakes or weave to avoid the potholes.
Even the stretch between Kennacraig and Campbeltown is worse than it was before the Scottish Government took it over from the Council a few years ago. Upgrading to trunk road status was supposed to make the road better, not worse!
The Scottish Government is responsible for trunk roads, so please sign this petition today and call on the SNP to fix it: alanreid.org/roads

I'll sign the petition, click HERE.


ED note: It's not just the A83 but our own route the B842 from Campbeltown to Carradale to Claonaig which is getting beyond a joke.The sections that were resurfaced by SSE are starting to break up and potholes appearing everywhere again.

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