01-02-22 Sandy Galbraith
Sadly again Carradale has lost another well know face, retired skipper/owner of MFV Shemaron (Sandy Galbraith).
Sandy and his late father Alex where well know in the fishing industry all over the West Coast and further afield.A gentleman to work alongside of which i had the pleasure many years ago when to do so, partner boats the Shemaron and Coral Strand (i was deckhand aboard) at the mid water trawl and for a spell with herring surveys at the ringnet.
The pic of sandy standing beside one of the last ringnets to leave Carradale, Sandy donated it to the Anstruther Fishing Museum, his other is in the Carradale heritage centre.Those were the days never to be seen again.
Our deepest condolences to Sandy's family near and far, another local fishing character never to be forgotten.

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