01-02-08 Freezing First of February
The morning after another night of gales finds the village without power once again, and a damp note through the letterbox warns us not to drink the water.

The power went off sometime between midnight and 4am and presumably was the result of a tree down across the lines somewhere.

The tree that was blocking the road north at Brackley (see photo->) last night has been moved. This was a substantial tree and must have taken some clearing.

I can't vouch for the state of the road north of Grogport - perhaps we'll get an update later in the morning - but weather conditions on the higher ground were very unpleasant with driving snow, sleet and hail. The wind appears to have dropped quite considerably though.

[Scottish Water Logo]Scottish Water left a note warning us not to drink the tap water as it contains high chloring levels. They also left six litres of bottled water which won't go far in a household of five. They also left a lo-call telephone number for people with enquiries: 0845-601-8855.
[Tree down at Brackley]

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