01-02-05 Dolphins off the starboard bow
Klingons on the Starboard bow! Well, Bottlenosed dolphins actually....

Driving home along the A842 from Campbeltown this lunchtime I was just passing through Peninver when I spotted a small pod of Bottlenosed dolphins maybe a 100yds off from the beach.

There were between six and a dozen and they were doing the usual dolphin things: rolls, jumps and full leaps out of the water. They looked to be having lots of fun.

I lost sight of them as they rounded the point, heading north, and an hour and half later saw the same pod passing Carradale Bay. They weren't putting on quite such a good show this time but anyone out at Carradale Point would have had a splendid view of them.

I can't wait till later in the spring when I've got my boat in the water and can go out onto the Kilbrannan Sound to look for dolphins, porpoises and basking sharks.

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