27-11-14 East Kintyre Community Council
Minutes meeting 20th November 2014.Next meeting 4th December.

Meeting held in Carradale Village Hall
20th November 2014


Stuart Irvine (SI) (Convenor), Lindsey Mercer (LM), Eleanor Sloan (ES) (Secretary), Dominic Ryan (DR), Robert Strang (RS), Ronnie Brownie (RB)

2 Councillors – Robin Currie (RC), Rory Colville (RCo)
10 Members of the public (MoP)
PC Nick Harper
Alistair McGregor and Sarah Campbell from ACHA

Welcome and apologies:
At 7pm - Stuart Irvine welcomed attendees and started the meeting.
Apologies from Elizabeth McMillan and Anne Horn.

2. Minutes – 9/10/14
Confirmed - proposed by Robert Strang, seconded by Lindsey Mercer.

3. Matters arising
SI contacted Charles Reppke and the vacancy on the EKCC will be filled in 2015 at the appropriate time – Charles Reppke to advise SI.

ACHA currently have 50 houses in EKCC. They are all currently undergoing investment works under the guidance of the Scottish Housing Quality Improvement Programme.
Tosh’s Park houses were discussed at length and Alistair McGregor told us that a wall render programme specifically for wooden clad properties had been tested and had been successful and it is intended to use this method on the homes at Tosh’s Park.
Currently £500,000.00 has been spent on improving properties.
ACHA have until 2015 to complete the programme of improvements to the Scottish housing Quality Standards.
There are possible proposals (if there is seen to be a need) for some new houses to build in Carradale from 2015 – 2018.
ACHA pointed out that some homes have not been improved at the request of the tenant.
Questions from the floor –
Some guttering is damaged and a tenant presumed that a gutter and drainpipe survey carried out in the past year would have reported this damage – ACHA said this was not the purpose of the survey and any repairs need to be reported by the tenant ASAP.
State of Tosh’s park properties – ACHA assured that repairs to these properties will be a priority but they declined to give any dates for works to commence.
DR spoke of the customer satisfaction questionnaire that he produced at the request of the EKCC. It is currently with ACHA tenants and will be forwarded to ACHA as soon as it is collected and collated.
A tenant in Woodside asked why their property had never had the windows replaced (the current ones are approx 25 years old). Their home is damp and their young son is sleeping in a very damp bedroom. ACHA assured them that they are on the list to have new windows and roughcast on the outside of the building.
A tenant in Broomfield is currently in respite care whilst works are being done in her home – neighbours are concerned that the works will not be finished in time. ACHA assured them that they will be finished within the contracted time.
SI suggested that each ACHA tenant in EKCC area should be sent a letter with a specific list of updates and improvements due to be made on their home with a rough time line – ACHA agreed to do this.
ACHA asked for each tenant to contact them if there are any repairs outstanding or any worries or questions regarding the investment programme.
ACHA would welcome the creation of a tenants association, and would be happy to work with them.
ACHA staff and 2 members of the public left the meeting at this point.

5. Treasurers report –
Treasurer was not in attendance – so balance is as last month -
As of 9/10/2014 plus £102 rent from field rent
The balance of the EKCC bank account stands at £2384.83

6. Network/Slip update
Alan Millstead Chair of Harbour Enterprises – could not attend but informed SI there have been some concerns over public safety – Alan assured the EKCC that this is covered by their insurance.

7. Roads
SI read out an email he received from James Ross – traffic and development officer ABC regarding the traffic survey they carried out – SI and Alasdair Bennett have penned a reply to the email. One of main areas of concern was the fact that the traffic survey was carried out on the Port Righ road, which is a quiet road with slow traffic. It was generally felt that the traffic survey was a waste of time and that the response of the Council has been disappointing. The letter of response has been sent to Stewart Clark, Roads Performance Manager. Rory Colville offered to speak to Head of Roads to discuss this situation.

8. Planning
We had an application for the erection of a statue at Saddell from the Landmark Trust. This is a sculpture created by a famous sculptor and will only be in situ for a year. All agreed to give permission
We agreed to support an application for a double garage at the Old Manse, Carradale.
We received some info regarding a proposed windfarm behind Tayinloan. Good Energy would like to attend a meeting in 2015 to talk about it more. All agreed.

9. Tree Planting – WW1
SI praised and thanked all involved in this project, especially Christine Richie, The Fire Service, Carradale Hotel, Tom Adams, Cheryl Strang, Trish Hurst, Forestry Commission and employees.

10. WFT applications
Autumn Tranche meeting to follow this one.

11. Antler
The Antler is back amongst us, is currently being distributed and is online.

12. AOCB
Emergency plan leaflets are currently being distributed.
Rory Colville told us that there will be a meeting of Kintyre Initiative Partnership on 12/12/14
Rory advised us that we should be thinking about updating our EKCC action plan – ES asked for a copy to be sent to her.
Roads – B842 – Andy Malkin is due to attend the next meeting so we can have an update on the road situation. The deterioration of the B842 was discussed, bridge damage and road damage because of the frequent heavy lorries on the road.
Beinn an Turc windfarm – phase 3 is being discussed and Mhari Kennedy is keen to attend the next meeting to talk about the proposals.

13. Date of next meeting

7pm – 4/12/14 – please note the change of date for the December meeting.
There will be no meeting in January and from February 5th 2015 onwards the EKCC meetings will be held on the first Thursday of the month.

Stuart thanked everyone for attending.

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