21-12-10 Total Lunar Eclipes
Taken from my bedroom window this morning.

Sticking my head out the window at -10 deg and with the camera just hand held the pics came out not too bad.

The sky was clear just up to nearing the total eclipes when some cloud came over.Pic times are 07.08-07.12-07.27-07.33-07.34-07.36.

John Mason, from the British Astronomical Association, said: "Observers should go out at about 6.30am when, if the sky is clear, the Moon will be visible in the western sky, and they will be able to watch as more and more of the southern part of the Moon becomes immersed in the Earth's shadow.

"They can continue watching until the eclipse becomes total at 7.40am, and hopefully for a little while after this time, if they have an unobstructed western horizon."

Dr Mason added: "For observers in the British Isles, the very low elevation of the Moon during the total phase means that it is not possible to predict just how dark the Moon will be when it is eclipsed, or what colour it will appear. One will just have to go out and have a look."

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Re: 21-12-10 Total Lunar Eclipes
Brilliant record of the eclipse...congratulations.
Gloria Siggans

Beautifully and very professionally done.
Martin Mears

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