10-10-14 Carradale Years Ago
Courtesy of Jim Cairney.
I really enjoyed viewing your website. I visited Carradale as a young boy with my grandfather, James Cairney. I believe my grandmother was originally from there, sadly she died at a young age when my father was a boy, so my knowledge of her family is limited.
I have included some pictures of my father David Cairney when he was staying there, possibly visiitng my grandmothers family approximately 1952 or there abouts.
My grandmothers maiden name was Isabella Macdonald, her parents David Macdonald and Elizabeth McGeachy.
I would be interested to know if anybody remembers anything about my ancestors.
Regards Jim Cairney.

Thanks Jim and if anyone out there remembers Jim's family please get in touch.

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reply from Jean Henderson,Schoolpark,Carradale.
Hi Johnny

David Cairney (father I presume of afore mentioned Jim) was a relation of Elizabeth (Beeshie) Campbell on the Mc Donald side.

He is in the photo on the boat at Waterfoot along with Beeshie ,but Iím not sure who the other boy is.

We always referred to him as her cousin, which could be likely as Betty Campbell Ďs maiden name was Mc Donald, but I couldnít be absolutely sure of the exact relationship.

You could pass that on to him anyway and see if it helps.

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