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[Admiralty Tide Times]
17-10-17 Carradale Surgery Patient Group AGM
Wednesday 18th October @ 5.30pm.

16-10-17 Carradale Harbour Otter
Sheltering from the gales.

15-10-17 Beinn an Tuirc Distillers
A wee video.

14-10-17 Carradale Bay Wedding
Joanne Paterson (Lachies daughter).

12-10-17 Memorial Service Intimation
Ellen Murchie.

10-10-17 Jim Williamson
Funeral Service 12th October.

07-10-17 Our Ruby Wedding
40 years, never thought I would see the day,happy Ruby wedding Eila....Johnny x

03-10-17 Trans Canada completed
Kirsty and Laurens achievement.

01-10-17 The Guild
Programme for 2017/2018.

28-09-17 McMillan Cancer Support Event
Network Bistro Carradale.

15-09-17 Golden Anniversary
Congratulations to Dougie & Jean Campbell....Tormhor.

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