Carradale Drama Club
Christmas Pantomine 2010. The Wizard of Oz By Adrian Barradell

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The cast of the pantomine Wizard of Oz.
Photos by J Durnan and also thanks to S Partridge for his contribution.

The young cast at the front whom played The Witchs Soldiers/Citizens of Oz and the Munchkins.
Shannon Arkell,Niamh Baxter,Oskar Baxter,Shauna Brown,Lauren Burns,Niall Gemmill,
Bethany Paterson,Jessica Paterson,Bobby Willan,Gemma Willan

Dorothy Gale by Lynn Galbraith

The Wicked Witch of the West by Donald Macalister Hall

Dorothy,The Scarecrow and Toto played by Lynn Galbraith,Louise Lee and Morag Allan.

Billy Buttons and Aunty Em played by Isobel Williamson and Neil Thompson

Prompt by Carol Abernethy and Simon Trowel by Stuart Irvine also Musical Director

Toto,Dorothy,The Tin Man (Tony Leighton) and the Scarecrow.

The Ghost played by Marcus Adams who also played Mayor of the Munchkins

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