This section is intended to show you how little (or how much) Carradale has changed over the years, by showing two photographs of the same scene separated only in time.

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Dippen cottages with the old smithy to the right.

May 2008 at Dippen. My wife once lived in the far right hand house which was rebuilt from were the old Smithy once was. Her mother and father (McAffer) both worked on Dippen farm for many years.The other house were once lived in by Jean (tattie and pinky), Red James, John James Campbell and the late Vanessa.

In 2007, a private house once again, and home to the owners of The Glen Bar.

The Glen Bar under construction in 1969.

Thirty-seven years later and The Glen Bar is thriving - familiar to residents and visitors alike.

The Carradale Water at Waterfoot, once home to a fleet of fishing boats.

No fishing boats now but still a handful of pleasure craft.
Many of the houses are still recognisable although most have undergone extension or modification.

Also at Waterfoot, after the boats had left for the sea presumably.

Very little seems to have changed in this view.

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